PLAYING FIELD - New Game starting March 29rd 2:00pm sign up/3:00pm start. 


GET EXCITED FOR CASH - The points leader this season will get $100 CASH!!! So make sure to come out and play for a 1st - 3rd place wins, bountys and consoles to add up those points. 

Progressive Bad Beat News - The bad beat goes up every week $25. Come play for your chance to win!

Bottles and Taps Ace of Hearts Jackpot - Come out to Joe's for the latest way to put cash in your pocket at free poker! Each Friday and Saturday night players will earn a raffle ticket each time they purchase a drink or shot. The winner of the raffle will be able to draw out of a deck of cards and if you pick Ace of Spades you hit the jackpot. Pick a joker a win $15. Any other card is a dud. The jackpot will increase each week until it's hit. The dud cards will be taken out as the games go on for a better chance of hitting the jackpot each week.

$200 CASH at Rhinos - Join us every Wednesday and Sunday nights at Rhinos's, 6:30pm for the biggest cash prize in town! $200 for 4 tables. (2 tables $100, 3 tables $125).

Season Certs - Please remember to hang on to ALL of your certs throughout the season.  This will make things run smoother at our finals. Players will get chip credit only for those certificates presented at Final's check-in.